dharnikDharnik Shah – India

“PGLA, to me, has been a life-changing experience. The most exciting part of PGLA for me was discovering friends from countries I never knew existed, exchanging conversations that completely shattered my perspectives and at the same time celebrating ceremonies that reminded me to value my own roots. PGLA has not only given me the tools to advance in my journey as a leader but also opened windows of opportunities to help me evolve to attain my fullest potential.”

despinaDespina Kiltsopoulou – Greece

“PGLA gave me the chance to meet young leaders from all over the world and be inspired by their contribution to building a sustainable future. We became a team, and we continue to share ideas, good practices, and global opportunities. PGLA taught me the multiple perspectives of various sectors and how young people can deal with global challenges. We participated in a number of simulations including parliamentary, speech-making, diplomatic and business competitions. Some of the most memorable moments were the intercultural night, the passion of delegates when they described their countries, the innovative forms of education (like the session we attended in Petra), the visit in Dead Sea, and of course the unique night we shared in Wadi Rum. It was a special opportunity for dialogue and changing mentalities in order to achieve reforms for living together in inclusive sustainable societies.”

solenSolen Hassan – Kurdistan-Iraq

“The program and its high potential leaders were completely excellent: the combination of diverse participants as well as the faculty’s contribution made for a good learning environment. The program provided me with a deep knowledge of techniques that will help in my future study and career. The class hit major areas that I am interested in, including negotiations, global perspectives, leadership, and stimulating speeches. I highly recommend this program to anyone who wants to develop him or herself.”

rafiqRafiq Zein Eddin – Palestine

“Though I have participated in more than ten leadership training and seminars courses in the last five years, PGLA was one of the most remarkable experiences I’ve ever had— mainly for the diversity of the participants and for the highly qualified professors who helped me to strengthen my leadership skills.”

abhishekAbhishek Bhardwaj – India

“We all have different ideas of leadership based on the different cultures we hail from. So what makes a true global leader who has the capacity to inspire and mobilize the global audience? PGLA helped me find answers to all of this.  I was really impressed by the core values PGLA holds around global leadership and the idea of making deep connections with people. Everything from lectures, simulations, case studies, discussions and field trips were tailored to help us push our limits and think beyond our limited horizon. The cohort was amazingly diverse both culturally and professionally and I learnt a lot by the super friendly interactions. PGLA helped me experience some of the most exotic moments of my life during field trips. I bring back home some life altering knowledge, crazy friendships and sweet memories to cherish forever.”

sajaSaja Alkhatib – Palestine

“I have found PGLA perfect in terms of enhancing the leadership abilities of every participant. As PGLA breaks the barriers across countries, it pushes the boundaries of our thinking patterns, and it equips us with essential capacities and skills to be great leaders and skillful team members. The culture differences, the contrasting opinions and the different learning goals each participant had for the academy made this group unique and extremely diverse. PGLA really helped define what being a leader meant while bridging a culture gap that barely seemed existent between us.  I felt that I could truly be myself and share my life with others as they went through their own with me. I would never trade this journey for anything else!”

hammadHammad Abedin – India

“Accepting the PGLA fellowship was one of the most important decisions I have made thus far in my life or career. The PGLA fellowship provided me with an unrivaled opportunity to develop my career, build a network of contacts in twenty-four other countries, and go places like Wadi Rum, Petra and the Dead Sea. I have had experience here that were riveting and unexpected. PGLA is has turned out to be a really one-of-a-kind experience. I have benefited in so many ways, including in the vast improvement of my English language skills, communication skills, expansion of my professional network, and growth in my understanding of how to be a good leader.”

Fadel Saleh – Lebanon

“PGLA was an experience to remember throughout my life; what more do we need as future leaders! Closely socializing and collaborating with people from all regions of the world, trained and enlightened by great minds and in the center of all disputes The Middle East, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

Isra’ El Qasem – Jordan

“PGLA was a life-changing experience. I learned how to advance myself professionally and inspire others through my vision.”

Yoana Savova – Bulgaria

“Attending PGLA in Jordan was not only my first physical step on another continent, but also an incredible mental journey. The main message that I took away from this once-in-a-lifetime experience is that it is not just national interest and economics that shape the world, but the relationships formed between people.”

Lamya Marafi – Egypt

“PGLA Jordan was an inspiring experience to explore my leadership potential and meet outstanding young leaders from many different countries. I was proud to see that many young international leaders had an interest in the Arab region and travelled thousands of miles to attend this conference in Jordan.”

Petar Vugdelic – Montenegro

“I am very proud that I attended PGLA. It was one of the best experiences of my life. The organizing committee and the faculty are just plain GREAT!”

Karl Malone Magalhães – Brazil

“PGLA is a truly unique blend of cultural and strong interpersonal interactions with the study of globally relevant topics. In a respectful and authentic atmosphere, one is called to think as a global leader and wrestle with world scale challenges.”

James Do – United States

“I had an amazing experience with PGLA. I met so many wonderful people and learned so much from not only the professors but also my fellow peers. PGLA will be an unforgettable experience.”

Mahmoud Alaa – Egypt

“PGLA is one week in Jordan, but the experience is a life time experience! It was tremendous to meet people from 40 countries with the very high leadership potential and a passionate belief of making a better world. In addition, the delegates were joined by an amazing, high profile professors who did their best to transform these young leaders into world leaders in the near future. It`s an experience that one should not miss!”

Tim Schittekatte – Belgium

“I was very happy to be a participant of PGLA 2014 in Jordan. The lectures given by the high-level professors were interesting and the content was original. Also for me as a Western European it was a perfect opportunity to discover the Arabic culture. The social dynamic between participants, professors and the local organization is amazing and everything is arranged very well. I would advise PGLA to everyone open for new ideas and interested in other cultures.”

Riadh Mansouri – Algeria

“PGLA was an unforgettable life-experience where I learned how to think and act as a global leader. it was the perfect place to break bread with the most talented leaders and professors in this world. PGLA was also a great journey that deeply integrated me to the unique culture and people of jordan.”

Joelle El Sawalhi – Lebanon

“PGLA Jordan has been one of the most enriching experiences I have ever had; I had the privilege to be trained by professors from the most prestigious universities in the world, to meet people from over 40 nationalities, while enjoying the beautiful nature of Jordan. I have acquired skills that I could use in my daily life. Not only I have made friends and connections, but we became one big family, and it makes me feel that I belong to one big international home.”

Alvaro Benavides – Argentina

“All the things that I experienced and learnt in PGLA had a profound impact on my vision of the world and made realized about the importance of developing leadership skills in order to use them in everyday life. If you are really interested in politics and leadership this is definitely the program for you!”

Tinatin Akhvlediani – Georgia

“The sights of Jordan, the warmth and closeness of the whole group of participants with their positive energy, breakthrough ideas and interactive spirit – this is what makes PGLA absolutely special. Besides, truly productive and insightful lectures, here you have a chance to meet people who will stay in your mind and in your heart for a lifetime. In other words, it is not only a week on theory about leadership but it is itself a practical example of leaders and leadership.”

Diyora Alieva – Uzbekistan

“PGLA is more than international program dedicated to leadership. It has been designed to make a diverse people from many different corners of the globe very close ones like siblings who know each other for many years. New friends, everlasting friendships, informative lectures of outstanding professors, breathtaking travels to the ancient sites of incredible Jordan—all these happened during amazing 7 days which I cherish as a precious treasure of my life.”